A closer look to space from Houston
A closer look to space from Houston

No matter how old you are or where you are from, you’re probably attracted to something space-related. We all have our wonders and questions about what is out there in our universe and what can we do to get to know more about it. Space and everything related to it fascinates us as human beings.

As it is known, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is an agency from United States which shows us information, investigations, and pictures about anything space-related. In Houston, we’re lucky to have the Space Center Houston, which is the greatest place you can visit to get a closer look to space and have a little trip to out of this world!

This place was founded 1992 and, since then, it has been visited and loved by tourists all around the world, becoming one of the favorite places of the people that visit Houston any time of year (the schedules for this place may vary). Space Center Houston provides a new window for you to be able to know more about space and its wonders.

If you are a science lover, this place is perfect for you. It has many exhibits and special experiences that can help you get more educational information, and you can go there any day of the year, depending on the schedules that you can check on their own website. It’s also great that you can book your visit and buy your tickets online, so you can avoid all the stress about that.


One of the newest experiences that Space Center Houston can provide you is to know every new little thing about Mars and all the things that NASA has discovered over the recent years about this awesome planet. It also has a gallery that has various artifacts with the intention to tell a story about the space and the USA.


What are you waiting for? Get in this space adventure and ask the members of the crew to show you around so you can make the most of this experience, visiting exhibitions and getting to use more virtual simulations to be even more close to space that you have ever been in your past. For this and for many other things, don’t doubt to move to Houston any time you like and contact us our Uptown Team to be able to have an amazing experience while doing so.

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