December has started, it's time to  remember and to get together!
December has started, it's time to remember and to get together!

December already started, this month for many people is all about buying gifts for their loved ones. However, for the Uptown family, this is a moment for union and remembering that what makes a good team is working as a big family. This time of year we must remember that we are not who we are without our family and friends, they are our biggest support and without them, we wouldn’t be in the place that we are right now.

December is a time to give and forgive; a gift is great for everybody, but the meaning that you put into it, is the real gift. Always try to remember your close ones how much you appreciate them and how much they matter in your life.

There are plenty activities you can join this month here in Houston, from Victorian theme events like the Dickens on the Strand in which will be live performance and learning about traditions of our country, or you can just go with all your family to the Gingerbread Built Off on December 7th, competing teams will create their masterpieces using 100% edible materials. More than 4,000 spectators are expected to attend and cheer on the teams, play in the kids' construction zone, and see Santa! All of that entertainment is free and open to the public! 

If you are more into calm things you can just have a walk-in any part of the city in this nice weather and see the holidays’ night lights, bring your pet or your family and friends and enjoy their company.

Maybe you were busy all year, but this month is the opportunity to share with someone that is important to you: make hot chocolate, go outside and celebrate in different events, just take a walk, that is what this month is about: even if sometimes we have some distance with our family, let’s transform that bond which unites us to be bigger and stronger.

In Houston, this December, our Uptown Team will make anything possible to get you closer to your family and friends, if you are looking for a place to stay, contact us and we will get you the nearest house to your close one so you can have wonderful holidays this year!

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