Experience the Arts and Attractions at The Heart of Downtown Houston

The Passionate Heart of Houston: Montrose and its Eccentric Excellence!

The Passionate Heart of Houston: Montrose and its Eccentric Excellence!

A place that stands out for its diversity and its peculiar character, Montrose is also known as the Arts District, and it is one of the finest neighborhoods in Houston.

It features all kinds of locations, services, and interesting scenes all around. Ranging from open gardens and green areas, nostalgic coffee shops, renovated mansions, neon-lit shops and parlors, and many artistic venues and galleries.

Do you want something to eat?

Imagine you've just arrived in town and, as would be the case, you want something to eat. Well, depending on the size of your appetite and the treat you want to give yourself and your family, you'll be able to choose between restaurants, bistros and diners of all shapes and sizes.

There's so many that we could not name them all until we run out of word, but to name a few, you've got the contemporary ambience of the Bistecca Italian Steakhouse.

The daily sweet candy creations of The Chocolate Bar

The authentic Pizzas of Dolce Vita Pizzeria Enoteca.

A delicious meal is a great start for an afternoon in Montrose, and a tour of the different art galleries would be one of the best ways to harness that positive energy.

BooTown and Storytellers!

Performance groups are a common thing in the district, whether it's the fun eccentricity of BooTown and their storytellers, the breathtaking fine-art set pieces of Music, or the nationally-acclaimed theatric novelties of the Stages Repertory Theatre, in every corner you are likely to find a new performance and an interesting take on the stage. When you walk the streets of Montrose, you'll experience the beating heart of Houston's artistic communities.

The Rothko Chapel

Montrose features wonderful places like The Rothko Chapel, which is also a museum and a forum where architecture blends with religion and supports the arts to make it one of the most important places in town. A sanctuary open for people of all religious beliefs, this chapel was designed by the late celebrated architect Philip Johnson in the mid-twentieth century and have become one of the spiritual landmarks of Houston.

Another place of worship that stands out in this neighborhood is the Chapel of St. Basil, located on the campus of the University of St. Thomas. An iconic masterpiece also designed by Philip Johnson, its plays on light and stunning dome combines with the gardens on its west side to make it a place of worship like few in the country.

Now, beyond all the sights to see, some shopping might be what you're looking for. If so, its vintage boutiques and antique shops are a rare treat for those who look for an adventurous purchase or a special something you can only find in one place. Art pieces, unique items, and trendy clothes will lead you to a shopping spree that'll fill you with love for the town.

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