School in Houston
Where to Take Your Children to School in Houston

Education is a big part of the reason for anyone that’s considering living and settling down and either bringing a family or starting one in a certain city and a certain neighborhood. That's why people and families are pleased to discover what educational opportunities are to be found in the great city of Houston.

Among the many independent school districts and private schools, there's a common drive to provide the best opportunities for every child.There's also a common philosophy for most teachers, who work toward creating a local educational system where its diverse students can find the best preparation possible within the curriculum of the fourth largest city in the United States of America.

The Houston Independent School District

The largest school district in the city is the Houston Independent School District (also known as the HISD). It is the seventh largest district in the country and has 287 schools in within the 312 square-mile territory it serves, where almost some quarter-million students are taught by more than 13 thousand teachers employed by this district.

School in Houston
Their programs, methods, and accountability systems have placed the standard for school districts all over the country, and as such, the district is properly funded and constantly working on how to improve its already standout performance.

However, this is only the base from which the educational possibilities of your children lay since there are a plethora of private schools from which many students' minds are illuminated and cultivated.

Houston's Private Schools

School in Houston

Private schools come with communities of parents who work tirelessly to make sure their children's education and future are the best they can possibly get. These are schools that compete for student enrollments, providing increasingly better educational programs and presenting excellent alternatives for each type of student out there.

Depending on your child's needs, interests, and talents, there will be a school out there that will be the right fit that will drive him or her towards a happy childhood and future. You'll be able to choose from The Saint Tomas' Episcopal School, the Texas Connections Academy in Westchase, The Awty International School, the Centerra Ranch Montessori School, and the John Cooper School just to name a few around the Galleria area.

These are all different schools that provide positive yet unique experiences for students. Many are known for their multi-cultural programs and complete artistic, athletic and achievement-based extracurricular activities that prepare their students for all aspects of life.

Now, if you're looking for when your children grow up and look to a higher education, you'll find that Houston has a lot to offer in this regard.

Houston’s Higher Education

Between all the programs Houston provides, its more than one hundred institutions enroll more than 315,000 students in its degrees and certification programs. Between all the trade, schools, colleges and community colleges, there's nothing but options for anyone with a desire for higher learning options.

The Houston Community College System itself is the largest of its type on the Texas Gulf Coast, where five regional colleges converge and create a major driving force for higher education in both the city and the state of Texas.

School in Houston

Among other institutions of higher education, you'll find the Lone Star College with its 180 programs that provide degrees in high-demand industries, the Baylor College of Medicine and its proud position a one of the top 25 medical schools for research in the world, the South Texas College of Law and its large student body prepared to apply its exceptional legal education, and the University of Houston, one of the nation's best colleges with the only Space Architecture graduate program in the world.

It goes without mentioning that the Texas Medical Center stands as one of the best places for medical students for all over the world to study, research and develop their profession given the amazingly expansive array of educational programs and internship programs.

All in all, when you make a life in Houston you'll find that its education opportunities will ensure a prosperous future for your children. Whether it's as part of its public programs or the private institutions that make their home in the city, the only true requirement for academic excellence in Houston is the will to learn and grow.

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