Reasons Why You Should Consider Taking Up Houston's Way of Living
Reasons Why You Should Consider Taking Up Houston's Way of Living

In the present day, Houston is one of the quickest growing cities in the country. Newcomers are flocking to the Bayou City to take advantage of a growing job market, its vibrant arts and culture scene, family-friendly quality of life, and affordable cost of living.

Aside from its well-known and established oil industry, it is also a pillar in new energy resources like wind and solar technology. Because of this and its prestigious place as the heart for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA, of course) it’s no surprise for Houston to have become a major center for some of the best schools and universities in the country.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Taking Up Houston's Way of Living

If an amazing industry and a prestigious educational legacy isn’t enough, the city stands on its own with its parks and its rich cultural tapestry, where people from all over the country and indeed, the world, have made residence and brought further life to this vibrant city.

If you need further consideration; here are some of the main reasons to live in this thriving and multicultural city.

A Robust Job Market

With its growing employment rate (second fastest in 2016) Houston presents itself with a wide job market. The city is a cradle for 26 of the Fortune 500 companies (more than any other city in the United States, with the exception of New York) and a place in lists from 2012 to 2015 as one of the best cities for jobs.

Its metropolitan area hosted more than 13,000 jobs last year, an increase of .4 percent due to its divergent economy. Although the major economic activities are placed around its Oil Industry and energy achievements, new tendencies for Houston point to developments in areas of such as Nature and Industrial Sciences (Biotechnology, Informational Technology, Aerospace, etc.), Healthcare, and the Hotel Industry.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Taking Up Houston's Way of Living

A Great Place to Start a Family

Living in a good neighborhood, with fun options for the family as well as a proper education scene are some of the priorities for young couples that look for settling in any city, and Houston is no stranger to the presence of these good commodities.

It boasts more than 80 different community districts and plenty of diverse and divergent options for leisure, with a wide offer for culinary choices in both daytime and nighttime including joyful restaurants, comfortable cafes, cool bars, joyful clubs and tasteful art houses.

However, for the amusement of families that might prefer the outdoors, there´s also the amazing natural blend of The Woodlands community and Houston’s extensive display of more than a hundred parks.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Taking Up Houston's Way of Living

Furthermore, leisure is not the only family advantage Houston has to offer. The city can also provide an incredible range of choices for high quality education. Among its many institution, there are several technical schools, colleges and universities that constantly prepare its residents for the higher education standard that the city is known for.

Healthcare and Medical Research

Not only does Houston provide some of the best healthcare in the country. It does so within one of the world´s largest medical districts. The Texas Medical Center is considered a pioneering hub pf patient care, research, education, and health prevention.

Within this campus there’s more than 50 locations including hospitals, medical schools, nursing programs and institutions for research and medical specializations, characteristics that are only overcome by the fact that the center that drives it all forward is profitless institution aiming to increase research in medical treatments for decades to come.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Taking Up Houston's Way of Living

Energy Options

In most households around the US, -not to mention the world- one of the major concerns is the consumption of electrical power that results in high bills at the end of the month. But in Houston´s case and thanks to its energy regulation laws, it is possible to choose amongst several energy companies which allow customers to have choices in terms of using less energy, adapting to their specific needs.

Consumers may learn to use energy in a more effective and environmentally-friendly way with tools such as “Direct Your Energy”, which allows for families to control and manage their energy consumption by month, week, day, and even by apparatus. The results of this empowering way of energy use results in a dramatically reduced use of electricity, and with it, it reduces its expenses.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Taking Up Houston's Way of Living

A Sunny Escape to the Beach

Reasons Why You Should Consider Taking Up Houston's Way of Living

The nearby access to the Gulf of Mexico will make spontaneous trips to beautiful and relaxing beaches such as Surfside Beach possible within an hour drive from downtown. An ideal getaway for families that enjoy the companies of pets, the nightly bonfires and even the presence of horses.

And even closer, with less than a half an hour drive families can reach Sylvan Beach Park. This park offers a calm tide ideal for swimming, with leisure areas such as tennis courts and picnic enclosures all along its 32-acre span, allowing you to retire for a day of fun, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

All in all, the pleasures of a Houstonian lifestyle will draw you into its multifaceted experiences and the enjoyment of its many attractive features. Whether you are looking to settle in a family lifestyle, expanding your education or to seek business opportunities in emerging markets such as energy or biotechnology, there are plenty of reasons for you to make a home in the spectacular Bayou City.

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