Experience the Arts and Attractions at The Heart of Downtown Houston
Find the Soul of the City Houston Heights

Every city has many years, histories and a place that has endured through time and maintained both its sophistication and appeal over time, embodying the soul of the city itself.

Houston Heights is one such place.

Located northwest of the Downtown area, these neighborhoods feature a unique architectural variety, small family shops and plenty of eccentric restaurants.

Its stores, boutiques and thrift shops among which sits more than one ancient coffee makes this quite a unique portion of the city.

Houston Heights Orchestra

One of the common things in Houston Heights is for its community orchestra and its open events of symphonic music which include concerts featuring standard classical pieces and more contemporary works or orchestral music. They usually hold their rehearsals at local venues that would host them, but they are known to be an active and social component of many events both as hosts and guests. It's always nice to live in a neighborhood with its own orchestra.

Experience the Arts and Attractions at The Heart of Downtown Houston

The Live Oak Friends Meeting House

Experience the Arts and Attractions at The Heart of Downtown Houston

And if you're a spiritual person, The Live Oak Friends Meeting House will surely be one of the most interesting places to visit. It was established more than 60 years ago as a place of worship and reflection for Quakers and Houstonians of all stripes. It features a "Skyspace", which is a 12-foot opening in the roof with a retractable cover that can be opened to show the sky, with neon tubes that combine with the outside lighting and the space to form a beautifully lit-place of spirituality for everyone.

The Perfect Green Place

Open spaces always make for nice evenings, and Sports Park becomes the perfect green place in Houston Heights. This is one of the most popular parks in the city, with basketball and volleyball courts, children's spaces, many trails and picnic areas and with them opportunities for sparse moments under the sun.

The 14 Pews

Experience the Arts and Attractions at The Heart of Downtown Houston

And if you want to go from big to small places, you should definitely visit the 14 Pews microcinema built by Cressandra Thibodeaux. This small space was made to show films with interesting and provocative themes. Always an interesting place to catch an eccentric film or documentary, as well as community events and a festival or two.

Opera in The Heights

And since we're speaking festivals, some of them are to support Opera in the Heights. They're a non-profit professional opera community that operates for a love of the arts and performances. They are based in Lambert Hall, a beautiful structure built like a classical European opera house. There they maintain a regular performance schedule where you can bask in the arts.

Experience the Arts and Attractions at The Heart of Downtown Houston

In all, Houston Heights is a hub of arts and high performances, a place you should definitely experience for its spiritual energy and its flourishing enthusiasm for performances.

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